Strategi™ release media  

Welcome to ADVANCED BusinessLink Corporation's Strategi software distribution site. This resource has been made available to our customers to simplify the maintenance of their Strategi installations.

Strategi release and OS/400 minimum release information is detailed below:

Download Options Release OS/400
Strategi V2R5M1 Base Install V2R5M1 V5R4M0 - V7R3M0
Strategi V2R5M1 PTF V2R5M1 V5R4M0+
Strategi V2R7M1 Base Install - README V2R7M1 V7R1M0+
Strategi V2R7M1 PTF V2R7M1 V7R1M0+

Download Instructions

Step 1 - specify download option
Step 2 - enter the serial number of your AS/400
Step 3 - click 'continue' to proceed


Download Option
System Serial Number